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WellPoint's Commitment

Everything we do at WellPoint is focused on our Purpose Statement – together we are transforming health care. This spirit drives our commitment to create the best health care value for our customers, while advocating for responsible health care reform in America. It sets the foundation for our success and it strongly influences our approach to diversity as a competitive advantage.

We've proudly created a workforce that accurately reflects the diverse communities we serve. As individuals, our unique perspectives allow us to understand our customers' needs. Together, our shared passion empowers us to achieve our vision to be America’s valued health partner and to make a real difference for those we serve.

At WellPoint, we are determined to provide quality health care plans to our members and to deliver products and services that anticipate and meet customer needs. We understand that diversity is essential to our success, as we deliver on this commitment by:

  • Recruiting and retaining the best talent from ALL walks of life
  • Developing products and marketing initiatives that resonate with, and appeal to a diverse consumer base
  • Cultivating a culturally competent workforce that understands what drives our consumers' buying decisions, as well as the needs of the diverse underinsured and uninsured market
  • Understanding and communicating that diversity management is not just race, gender, age, sexual orientation or disability, but rather a comprehensive strategy for business success

We believe in the power of diversity, the role it plays in creating a culture of distinction and the impact it has on improving our member and provider service satisfaction, our associate and consumer engagement and, ultimately, a brighter future.